Welcome to Skyward Property Services!

About Us

Skyward Property Services is driven by a dedicated team of highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals. We specialize in maximizing returns through strategic property investments.

Our Goals & Values

We understand the challenges that investors, landlords, lettings agents, and professional tenants face. That’s why we offer a solution that prioritizes transparency and minimizes hassle for all parties involved. 

At Skyward Property Services, we believe in serving others and strive to do so for all our clients.


Portfolio Building

We specialise in uncovering prime real estate opportunities tailored to your investment goals.

Management & Upkeep

This includes providing initial cosmetic works and ensuring ongoing repairs and maintenance.

Guaranteed Income

We offer a guaranteed monthly rent to you, even during periods of vacancy, without any fees charged by us.

Advertising Services

With our extensive knowledge of the local rental market, we know exactly who your ideal tenants are and how to attract them.

Tenant Vetting Service

We use tried and tested systems to attract the best tenants for your property.

Property cleaning

We offer a monthly cleaning service, conduct routine inspections, and provide gardening services as necessary.